February 3, 2014

Road T_ip!

Try as I might, I just can't seem to travel light when it comes to toiletries. I mean, even if you're low maintenance, you gotta have at least toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo, hairbrush, comb, sunscreen, soap, and razors...right? And if you notch up your maintenance requirements from that you can add lotion, makeup, hair products, nail clippers, tweezers. Then there's jewelry, hair ties and clips. What about medications, antacids or first aid...and if you have a traveling partner, multiply most of it by two! May the good lord bless you if you're traveling with a family!

The fact that you typically only get a teeny-tiny bathroom counter-top in your hotel room (or maybe no counter at all if you're the guest of family or friends) to hold such things only compounds the problem:


As you can see, and most likely have experienced yourself, you've got no counter space to set things on, stuff gets knocked off, and things that shouldn't get wet - get wet! If your solution is to relocate the stuff to some other area, good luck finding it when you need it!

The real solution (or something like it)
was purchased at Walmart for $5.87:
That's right...a 24-pocket (clear!) over-the-door shoe organizer!
Another bonus is it folds up very compactly and lightly to carry in your suitcase.

Installation is oh so simple:
Using the hooks included in the package, hang the organizer over the top of the 
bathroom door (or a door approved by your host) and load it up! 
Easy to see, easy to access and easy to put away!

I like to hang the organizer so it's outside the bathroom when the door is shut so two people can get ready at the same time...one showering while the other is putting on the finishing touches! Plus, it keeps free the hook that's often hanging on the inside of the bathroom door.

Who knows, once you see how smooth this system works, 
you may just want to use it every day at home!