December 4, 2013

Merry "Cork"mas Tree!

While browsing around on Pinterest today I came across this pin and tutorial for a wine cork Christmas tree from the Vintage News Junkie blog. Since it seemed easy and fast - not to mention the fact that my wine corks are piling up - I decided to jump on it. A couple notes: I did like using the red-stained sides of the corks (particularly since only one of my corks had a design on the end of it to add interest) to hint of ornaments or lights and I also chose to set the "trunk" back a wee bit to mimic a real tree. 
So I grabbed some corks, fired up the glue gun...
did a bit of sorting and planning...

and within 5 minutes, I had diminished the cork stash and wound up with
a fast, free and rustic-y looking little Christmas decoration. 
Like, like and like!

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