December 25, 2013

Mappy Christmas - II

Got one more Christmas gift project cranked out from the ever-abundant atlas. This time a special request from mom for a map flower like this one I had made for myself a while back:
This is on a 20x30 canvas with petals cut from the atlas with no regard for location...
only concentrating on colors and shapes within each petal.

To start the custom gift for my parents, I bought a two-pack of smaller 16x20 canvases from Hobby Lobby during their 50% off that came to $4 for two or $2 for one. I used three coats of acrylic on the canvas: first burnt umber, then ebony, then a final coat with burnt umber. 

Went to the trusty atlas and chose the map pages for Wisconsin and Florida 
for their custom flower.

Starting with the center or "eye" of the flower, I punched out a 1-1/4" circle 
from the map showing their location...
and then started laying out the petals which I had cut free-hand from the map pages, taking care to highlight the more visually pleasing parts of the map and, at the same time, including cities and areas of significance to them. In an effort to keep the design balanced, I kept an eye on the "movement" of the patterns and colors within the layout as well.
I continued to work outward, using smaller petals the toward center and building to larger at the outer edges. I could see immediately that because of my focus to use maps strictly for Florida and Wisconsin, the colors weren't as vibrant as in the original map flower, which used map pages showing topography and oceans.

Nonetheless, I continued with my "personal meaning" approach to the flower rather than going for a more colorful flower.
Using ModPodge, I again worked from the center out gluing the pieces down, doing my best to keep my layout intact as I went along. If you haven't used ModPodge before, let me just tell you it's a joy to work with as it's very forgiving. No matter how you slop it on, it dries with a nice, clear finish.

In the end, as hard as I tried to keep my original layout intact, I lost a bit of the shape of it during the gluing process (why didn't I just look at the photo I had taken of the unglued layout? arrggghh), but I think mom was generally happy with her personalized map flower canvas.

Merry Christmas world!

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