November 13, 2013

We are Family

My obsession with family history began in March 2008, when I went on with the sole mission of trying to figure out why I was sitting in the middle of a blizzard after the 5th straight day of snow and 8th straight day of zero sun in Wisconsin. I mean, for crying out loud, we all need sun don't we?!

Ahem...anywho, not only did my quest allow me to fully appreciate the reasons my great-great grandparents pointed their compasses toward Wisconsin, but it also became clear very early on that the search for my "family" was going to take me back further than I had ever intended to go.

To be sure, I had been taught the stories from the Garden of Eden and the stories of evolution, but before I began horsin' around on, I had never fully comprehended the reality of the fact that we're all, indeed, related to each other!

Whether you like to trace yourself back to biblical Adam and Eve or genetic Adam and Eve, this interesting graphic found on Forty Mile View lays it out pretty simply for us:

So just remember as you go through your day...every day's a family reunion...say hi to the cousins for me!

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