November 21, 2013

Watch It!

So...I found these watches that Grandma included in her piano bench gift to me...
Then, as I was rooting around through some old photos, I noticed that, in the picture above (c.1960s), it appears that Grandma and Grandpa are actually wearing these watches that I now have in my possession! I saw a cute little trick on Pinterest where you pop the backs off of old watches and insert a photo for a one-of-a-kind photo bracelet. So that's just what I did...
I had to enlarge the photo so Grandpa's face would fit in his watch frame and reduce the photo so Grandma's face would fit in hers. Maybe later I'll put Grandma's face in Grandpa's watch and vice versa...but of course any photo will do. All in all a pretty easy way to remember them and still find a use for those old watches!

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