November 11, 2013

Thanks Veterans!

There's a saying that "all history is family history" and when we consider our family members who've served our country in times of war, that statement truly hits the mark.

Today, for Veteran's Day, as we acknowledge the sacrifices made by all our veterans - past and present - on our behalf, I'd like to shine a light on three of my direct-line Cain* ancestors and their contributions to our country's early history:

American Revolution - English Colonists vs. Great Britain / 1775-1783
Jacob Brown (1755-1831)
Born in North Carolina / Died in Indiana
Served in 1776 - age 21 
Jacob was "disowned" by Quakers for "taking up arms in a warlike manner"
My 6th great-grandfather

No photo of Jacob Brown's Tombstone Available
Tombstone location is Flatrock Friends Cemetery
Liberty Township, Henry County, Indiana, Est. 1830
Cemetery Record lists Jacob Brown as a "Veteran of the Revolutionary War"

War of 1812 - United States vs. Great Britain / 1812-1815
Otis Ingalls (1790-1856)
Born in New York / Died in Wisconsin
Served in 1814 - age 24
Private in New York Militia, 118 Regiment
My 4th great-grandfather

Otis Ingalls Tombstone
Eureka Cemetery
Eureka, Rushford Township, Winnebago County, Wisconsin
Image upload via (Lady_De_Anna)
Footstone of Otis Ingalls
"Father" with a War of 1812 Emblem
Ingalls Family Plot in Eureka Cemetery
Image upload via (Lady_De_Anna)

American Civil War - Union vs. Confederacy / 1861-1865
Benjamin Franklin Ingalls (1838-1922) - (Son of Otis Ingalls above)
Born in Wisconsin / Died at Veteran's Home in California
Enlisted in 1861 - age 23 
Corporal in Company A, 16th Infantry, Regiment Wisconsin, 
Promoted to Sergeant, Promoted to Full 1st Sergeant
My 3rd great-grandfather

Benjamin Franklin Ingalls Tombstone
Los Angeles National Cemetery
Los Angeles, California
Image upload via (Lady_De_Anna)

Military Taps... click here.

*Note: These ancestors follow back through the line from my grandfather Royal Cain, to his father William Cain then his mother Henrietta (Ingalls) Cain. Benjamin F. Ingalls is Henrietta's father. Jacob Brown is Henrietta's great-grandfather on her mother's (Carmelia VanEaton) side.


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