November 15, 2013

Fridays with Maia

Since Maia's only request for the day was that it involve time at a park and because I had heard rave reviews about the children's playground at Upper Lake Park in Port Washington, it was an easy decision to make our way on over to the Ozaukee county seat.
The Port Hotel (foreground) and  Ozaukee County Courthouse (background)
have been staring each other in the face since 1902.

We headed straight to the bluffs overlooking Lake Michigan to start our morning 
watching the sun climb up the sky...

Rise and Shine!
The Breakwater Lighthouse greets another day, just as it's been doing since 1889.

Further back on the bluff, the Possibility Playground - designed with accessibility for children of all physical abilities - roped us in for over an hour!
The verdict...
                             This...                                               is...                                       awesome!

All that fun worked up an appetite so a quick snack was in order... 
Two thumbs up, by the way!
and we capped the morning off with a closer look at the Pebble House, 
which is some serious inspiration if you happen to love collecting rocks - as Maia and I do... 

Oh....this is so good!

In these here parts, we call this a "bubbler."

Yeah, it's really is Cooler by the Lake!

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