November 1, 2013

Fridays With Maia

The first day of November here is wet and gloomy so it's inside all day long for
Maia and me this Friday.

 It started with a delightful breakfast of pancakes, bacon and strawberries with yogurt, then

...she helped take down and put away Halloween decorations

                                                                                                                                     photo by Maia

...helped her boppa with some office work
                                                    Fielding Calls                                "May I help you?"
                                                   "This phone!"                         "Please put this in your outgoing mail."

...took a "break" with a few games of NYC tic-tac-toe

...engaged in some fort building to protect her from monsters

...hosted a tea party

...worked some puzzles

...held a keyboard performance

...expressed herself with stickers and glitter glue

...played the ABC spoon game...

 Time for lunch!


  1. Barb this is great to read and follow I did not realize you were posting warms my heart and soul to follow Miss Maia (who is so awesome) through out the week.....and see all the fun things she does and see all her talents and of course having an awesome GiGi and Boppa!!!!!!

    1. Keep your eye on the Fridays With Maia posts...they're sure to be adventurous