November 17, 2013

Bookshelf Styling for Kids

Because of recent changes to my work routine, I needed to rearrange and reorganize my office bookshelves. Part of that change includes having a 3-year-old who visits frequently, so I wanted to dedicate four shelves for her use when she comes over and I need to do some work. She's always liked being in my office and we recently discovered she likes to play "office" for herself. I follow these four steps whenever I need to organize and/or arrange things in my home:

1. Identify Goals: The goal was to provide a place where Maia would have access to some of her books, supplies and treasures to play with in my office while I worked.

2. Gather Items:
Some of her favorite books...
Since I was going to have to see them a lot, I chose some of my favorites too!
...and some of her favorite toys and treasures...
Tea parties are routine!

3&4. Assess and Install

then arrange them on two of the lower shelves in the bookcase
in an easy-to-grab and aesthetically pleasing way.
The two baskets on the lower shelves make great storage for smaller,
less attractive items. In my office these are dedicated to my projects
but can easily be employed for kids' use if need be.

And Repeat...

For the other two shelves, I gather kid-friendly office supplies...
How many promotional notepads come your way? Kids love 'em! 
How about promotional mail labels, cards and stickers? Toss those in too!
Tuck them all in an easy-to-tote box and you've got a nice little office kit.
She can spend long periods of time putting "mail" together.

and arrange it all within her reach.
Include a small spiral-wire photo holder where smaller works of art
can be regularly updated and displayed!

Let's get busy!

Click here to see the full shelf display project.

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